Studies on Optical Components and Radio Over Fibre Systems

kumar, Ankush (2009) Studies on Optical Components and Radio Over Fibre Systems. BTech thesis.



In the modern era good communication systems are the need of the hour. This project includes the study of optical components and Radio over Fibre systems. Various Optical components are used in optical systems and those optical components have different characteristics. Various optical components have been studied in this project and in addition to that there is a study of components using S-matrix. The use of S-matrix in analyising the directional coupler. Optical networks can be analysed with the same methods as microwave networks in theory of microwave networks, components are generally represented by complex scattering parameters which form the S- matrix. we adopted this formalism to fibre optic coupler used in optical network taking the polarization dependence into account. There is the study of Fabry- perot filter in which the study of free spectral range (FSR) and the Transfer function was determined through Matlab simulation. The results thus obtained are studied.
For the future provisions of broadband, multimedia the radio over fibre systems are a good alternative. RoF systems are used basically because of their low loss and extremely wide bandwidth and robustness. Radio over fibre can use millimeter waves and serve as a high speed wireless local or personal area network. In this project various parts of the Radio over fibre systems are studied, The power spectrum measurements of a millimeter wave Radio over Fibre under different single mode fibre length is done with a Matlab simulation it is found that the fading occurs at some values of length of fibre in the power spectrum.
In radio over fibre systems the two subcarrier modulations (SCMs) i.e., single sideband and tandem single sideband have been widely used both SSB and TSSB SCMs can be obtained by using optical mach Zehnder modulator. In this project we investigate the impact of the impact of the harmonic distortion and inter modulation distortion in RoF systems for one wavelength carrying two radio frequency signals with either SSB or TSSB SCM. It is found that non linear distortion can be reduced when the frequency difference ~ 1 GHz. It was found that non linear distortion strongly depends on the modulation index. The source of these results was a mat lab simulation and calculations. For the different values of the signal frequencies the NSR was calculated.

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