A Flood Mitigation Strategy for Floodplain Areas in India

Patro, Goutam Kumar (2019) A Flood Mitigation Strategy for Floodplain Areas in India. MTech thesis.

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Flooding is one of the most common natural disasters in India and this phenomenon has been worsening due to current global warming condition. The disaster cost the government a huge amount of money and effort to handle it in terms of its catastrophe and mitigation strategy. It also has an adverse effect on land value in the floodplain area. In India, more than 40 Million Hectare of the total 329 Million Hectare geographical area is flood prone. During last three decades, other than heavy financial losses, millions of people were affected and about 4000 people lost their life due to the flood disaster in India. Therefore, it is crucial to resort for more effective flood mitigation approach in India. This need has motivated this research to develop a new sustainable and flexible flood mitigation measure known as amphibious house system within a floating urbanisation environment. This concept enabled the dwellers to live with flood rather than to confront it. The amphibious house system consists of the pit system concept with horizontal support, an efficient amphibious foundation system and special designed vertical guidance system, which provide floatation to the house during flooding. This amphibious house is designed with a rainwater harvesting and storage system which gives easy access to clean water to the residents of the house. This house is also integrated with solar panels, to give free electricity to the residents. This house has a composting toilet which eases the dependency on the sewage system provided by the administration. Basically this house is designed for poor class people of India to ease their dependence on the public water supply, electricity and sewage system.

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