Synthesis and Functionalization of Sandwich Based Molecular Scaffold for their Study in Catalysis and Biological Behavior

Barik, Tulasi (2021) Synthesis and Functionalization of Sandwich Based Molecular Scaffold for their Study in Catalysis and Biological Behavior. PhD thesis.

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Sandwich based molecular scaffolds are the most versatile molecular entities in organometallic chemistry because of their unique structural integrity, reversible redox behavior and huge potential in the development of material science, molecular wires, catalysis, sensing, electronic communication and bio-organometallic chemistry. Ferrocene quickly attracted the attention of the scientific community on account of its intriguing chemistry. Recent investigation supports ferrocenyl analogues obtained by diligent design and modification at different structural levels such as ferrocene conjugates with alkyl chain, organometallic moieties, heterocyclic moieties, phenol position, biomolecules and conjugated aromatic substituents causes enhancement of the cytotoxic activity. However, the functionalization of cyclopentadienyl rings of ferrocene by different fragments poses numerous challenges in regard to reaction conditions and methodologies. In view of the enormous opportunities of sandwich compounds and availability of limited reaction conditions we were motivated to employ a solid supported synthesis route to overcome such difficulties. In addition, we have been motivated to synthesize various ferrocenyl derivatives in monofunctionalized, unsymmetrically bi-functionalized form and explored their electrochemical, biological, photovoltaic and catalytic activities. The thesis with five chapters describes the synthesis and characterization of some novel ferrocene based organometallic systems containing unsymmetrical ferrocenyl hydrazone-thiosemicarbazone derivatives, diferrocenyl thiosemicarbazone enones, cyanovinyl donor-acceptor compounds and ferrocenyl cyclopalladated complexes. This report also describes interesting behavior of these compounds towards interaction with DNA and BSA. This sheds light on to their biological activities further supported by molecular docking study to determine relevant mechanism and modes of interaction. Investigation of cross coupling reactions of cyclopalladated complexes through different mechanistic path way by DFT calculation has also been incorporated. Investigation of their cytotoxicity and wide absorption studies have been described to understand their potential for biological and solar cell study.

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