Transient Stability Analysis using Equal Area Criterion using Simulink Model

Jha, Ankit and Kumar, Ashwinee and Ralte, Lathangliana and Pati, Pinak Ranjan (2009) Transient Stability Analysis using Equal Area Criterion using Simulink Model. BTech thesis.



Power-system stability is a term applied to alternating-current electric power systems, denoting a condition in which the various synchronous machines of the system remain in synchronism, or "in step," with each other. Conversely, instability denotes a condition involving loss of synchronism, or falling "out of step." Occurrence of a fault in a power system causes transients. To stabilize the system load flow analysis is done. Actually in practice the fault generally occurs in the load side. As we controlling load side which will lead to complex problem in order to avoid that we are controlling the generator side. A MATLAB simulation has been carried out to demonstrate the performance of the three-machine nine-bus system.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Electrical Engineering > Power Systems
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Deposited On:17 May 2009 10:52
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