Micro-Drilling using Nd-YAG Laser

Bhuyan, Sandip Kumar (2009) Micro-Drilling using Nd-YAG Laser. BTech thesis.



Now a days microdrillings have a great use for manufacture of sofesyicated items,parts etc.Laser microdrillings give a better aspect ratio than tool microdrillings. Laser micro-hole drilling service provides access to world leading precision hole drilling technology. This service can be used for R&D through to full production. Minimum micro-hole sizes can be as low as 1 micron in thin materials. For micro-holes above 20 microns in, we can use proprietary treppaning technology to generate micro-holes of unsurpassed roundness with controlled taper.Using a variety of IR, visible and UV sources, we select the correct wavelength and pulse duration, develop the laser micro-hole drilling process and produce the parts. Numbers of micro-holes per part can range from one to tens of thousands. Typical quantities of parts range from one-off for R&D, to tens of thousands per month. Microdrills are typically made of either cobalt steel or micrograin tungsten carbide. The steel drills are less expensive and easier to grind but are not as hard or strong as the tungsten carbide drills. The drill point angle is based on the material to be drilled. The normal point angle is 118 degrees and 135 degrees is used for hard materials. The larger included point angle provides more strength at the drill pointdameter. Microdrilling has one major disadvantage because of the drill geometry. Because of the drill point, a flat-bottomed hole can not be produced. If one is attempting to produce cylindrical cavities in a micromold, there must be a relatively thick plating base under the mold material, or the structural substrate of the mold could act as the plating base.

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