Synthesis of Multiferroic $BiFeo_3$ Material by Autocombustion Technique

Agrawal, Binit Kumar (2009) Synthesis of Multiferroic $BiFeo_3$ Material by Autocombustion Technique. BTech thesis.



One of the most widely used and useful method of preparation of BFO is the combustion synthesis route using a fuel.The fuel used may be glycine ,citric acid or urea.the precursor material used for the synthesis of BFO by autocombustion route are $BiNO_3$ and $FeNO_3$ solutions with a certain concentration level. Combustion synthesis is becoming one of the most popular methods for the preparation of a wide variety of materials, .The main advantage of using this tchnique is due to the simplicity, the broad applicability range, the self-purifying feature due to the high temperatures involved, the possibility of obtaining products in the desired size and shape. This method is rapidly emerging as one of the most-convenient methods for the preparation of oxide materials. An aqueous solution of a redox system constituted by the nitrate ions of the metal precursor, acting as oxidizer, and a fuel like urea, glycine, citric acid or many others is heated up to moderate temperatures and, upon dehydration, the strongly exothermic redox reaction develops, which is generally self-sustaining and provides the energy for the formation of the oxide.
The XRD structure of the synthesized sample was taken after calcination.

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