An Energy Efficient Dynamic Source Routing for MANET

V J, Shine (2009) An Energy Efficient Dynamic Source Routing for MANET. MTech thesis.



Ad hoc networking allows portable mobile devices to establish communication path without having any central infrastructure. Since there is no central infrastructure and the mobile devices are moving randomly, gives rise to various kinds of problems, such as routing and security. In this thesis the problem of routing is considered. Routing is one of the key issues in MANETs because of highly dynamic and distributed nature of nodes. Especially energy efficient routing is most important because all the nodes are battery powered. Failure of one node may affect the entire network. If a node runs out of energy the probability of network partitioning will be increased. Since every mobile node has limited power supply, energy depletion is become one of the main threats to the lifetime of the ad hoc network. So routing in MANET should be in such a way that it will use the remaining battery power in an efficient way to increase the life time of the network. In this thesis, we have proposed an energy efficient dynamic source routing protocol (EEDSR) which will efficiently utilize the battery power of the mobile nodes in such a way that the network will get more lifetime. Transmission power control approach is used to adjust the node to node communication power and load balancing approach is used to avoid over utilized nodes. Transmission power control is done by calculating new transmission power between every pair of nodes on that route which will be the minimum power required for successful communication. Load balancing is done by selecting a route which contains energy rich nodes. Simulation studies revealed that the proposed scheme is more efficient than the existing one.

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