Three Dimensional Analysis of Extrusion through Taper Die

Murmu, Mithun (2009) Three Dimensional Analysis of Extrusion through Taper Die. MTech thesis.



An upper bound solution for extrusion of “triangular” sectioned product through taper die from round sectioned billet has been developed. A simple discontinuous kinematically admissible velocity field with optimization parameter is proposed. From the proposed velocity field the
upper bound solution on non-dimensional extrusion pressure are determined with respect to chosen process parameters. The theoretical results are compared with experimental result to check the validity of the proposed velocity fields.
The reformulated SERR technique is used to find out the kinematically admissible velocity field applied to deformation zone surrounded by flat surfaces. This velocity field is used to compute upper bound extrusion pressure at various area of reduction.
The triangular sectioned product from round sectioned billet through taper die is taken for upper bound analysis using SERR technique. As this section is symmetry about one axis with round sectioned billet only one half of section is taken as domain interest for deformation zone to
calculate the velocity field. Detailed formulations of models are presented.
To validate the proposed model/analysis experiments are carried out taking lead as the working material. An experimental set-up is designed and fabricated with four split type taper dies for this purpose. Experiments are carried out at dry and lubricated condition of the dies to check the friction effect.
The results obtained indicate that the predictions both in extrusion load and the deformed configuration are in good agreement with the experiment under different lubrication conditions.

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