Study of Erosion Resistance of ULCC based Precast with Indigenous High Alumina Cement

Sahu, Niroj (2009) Study of Erosion Resistance of ULCC based Precast with Indigenous High Alumina Cement. MTech thesis.



Effect of indigenous cement on high temperature slag corrosion resistance of four different types of industrial ULCC composition has been investigated. Four type were as follows: (a)composition dominated by BFA aggregate, (b) composition dominated by WFA aggregate,(b) composition dominated by Densed Bauxite aggregate and (b) composition having Densed Bauxite fused alumina aggregate. Two types of CA plus CA2 based indigenous cements; (i) 70% Al2O3 containing and (ii) 80% Al2O3 containing, were investigated for the study. One established imported cement was also used to compare the properties of ULCC based on Indigenous cement. ULCC precast were prepared by industrial procedure such as; mixing of aggregates, cement and additives, granulometry, addition of water and casting, curing at room temperature and drying at 110oC. Physical, mechanical and thermo mechanical properties of ULCC were evaluated on as dried, 1000oC and 1450oC fired samples. Slag corrosion resistivity was tested in rotary drum by using 50:50 slag and metal.It has been found that ULCC composition having higher amount of BFA aggregate shows better slag corrosion resistance when indigenous HAC are used. However ULCC containing WFA shows better slag resistance when 80% Al2O3 containing indigenous cement were used. It was found that slag resistivity mainly depend on fused alumina aggregate content of ULCC and compositions without having BFA and WFA shows very high (about 28%) erosion. It has been found that Fused Alumina aggregates are less prone slag erosion than Densed Bauxite. But with addition of WFA, the Slag erosion resistivity of Densed Bauxite based ULCC increases.70% Al2O3 containing indigenous cement shows better erosion resistivity performance in presence of BFA. However 80%Al2O3 containing indigenous cement shows better performance in presence of WFA.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
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Subjects:Physics > Condensed Matter
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Supervisor(s):Bera, J and Mohammed, B

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