Studies on the Removal of As (III) from Water by a Novel Hybrid Material

Mandal, S (2010) Studies on the Removal of As (III) from Water by a Novel Hybrid Material. MSc thesis.



Arsenic contamination in water has posed severe health problems around the world. In spite of the availability of some conventional techniques for arsenic removal from contaminated water, development of new laboratory based techniques along with enhancement and cost reduction of conventional techniques are essential for the benefit of common people.
This paper provides a method for removal of the arsenic An ion-exchanger hybrid material Zirconium (IV) oxide-ethanolamine ZrO-EA is synthesized which is used for the removal of selective arsenic (III) from aqueous solution containing 1,10,50 mg/L of arsenic solution, and its practical application to arsenic removal from water has been described. The main parameters affecting this treatment process were investigated, namely the concentrations of Zirconium (IV) oxide-ethanolamine and of arsenic (III), adsorbent dose 0.7 mg/L, contact time 50 minutes after which the adsorption process comes to equilibrium, temperature (25±2), solution pH values (5-7) which is suitable for adsorption and ionic strength variations, and typical adsorption isotherms, were calculated. The column experiments showed a quantitative collection of arsenic at low concentration in water samples with more than 99% recovery.

Item Type:Thesis ( MSc)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Arsenic Removal, Arsenic poisoning, hybrid material, Zirconium oxide Ethanolamine, XRD, SEM, BET Isotherms, AAS.
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