Study of Performance of Security Protocols in Wireless Mesh Network

Shukla, S K (2010) Study of Performance of Security Protocols in Wireless Mesh Network. BTech thesis.



Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) represent a good solution to providing wireless Internet connectivity in a sizable geographic area; this new and promising paradigm allows for network deployment at a much lower cost than with classic WiFi networks. Standards-based wireless access takes
advantage of the growing popularity of inexpensive Wi-Fi clients,enabling new service opportunities and applications that improve user productivity and responsiveness. The deployment of WMNs, are suffered by : (i) All, the communications being wireless and therefore prone to
interference, present severe capacity and delay constraints, (ii) The second reason that slows down the deployment of WMNs is the lack of security guarantees. Wireless mesh networks mostly susceptible to routing protocol threats and route disruption attacks. Most of these
threats require packet injection with a specialized knowledge of the routing protocol; the threats to wireless mesh networks and are summarized as (i) External attacks: in which attackers not belonging to the network jam the communication or inject erroneous information, and
(ii) Internal attacks: in which attackers are internal, compromised nodes that are difficult to be detected. The MAC layers of WMN are subjected to the attacks like Eavesdropping, Link Layer Jamming Attack, MAC Spoofing Attack, and Replay Attack. The attacks in Network Layer are:
Control Plane Attacks, Data Plane Attacks, Rushing attack, Wormhole attack, and Black Hole Attack. In this project work we are concern with the threats related to Network layer of WMN based upon 802.11i and analysis the performance of secure routing protocols and their
performance against the intrusion detection.

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