A brief study on various time domain viscoelasticity model

Kumar, Nitesh (2010) A brief study on various time domain viscoelasticity model. BTech thesis.



A viscoelastic material stores energy and dissipates it in the thermal domain when subjected to dynamic loading and most interestingly the storage and loss of energy depend upon the frequency of excitation. To find a time domain model to represent the behaviour viscoelastic solids found interest of many researchers. Bagley and Torvik (1983, 1985) represented frequency dependent behaviour of viscoelastic solids by using four-model parameters and differential operators of fractional order. The time-domain model with ordinary integer differential operators was developed by Golla and Hughes (1985), who incorporated the hereditary integral form of the viscoelastic constitutive law in a finite element model. The finite-element equations are derived in the Laplace domain through the Ritz technique. McTavish and Hughes (1992, 1993) extended the Golla-Hughes model and formulated the GHM (Golla-Hughes-McTavish) model for linear viscoelastic structures

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Linear Viscoelasticity, Application of Viscoelasticity
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