Comparative Study of Properties of Different Types of Binder Mixes Modified with Silica Fume

Gutha, S (2010) Comparative Study of Properties of Different Types of Binder Mixes Modified with Silica Fume. BTech thesis.



The benefits of using Portland Pozzolanic Cement are fairly established. They offer benefits with respect to the cost of manufacturing of cement because pozzolona are by-products or waste materials replacing a part of Portland clinker, hence fewer primary energy and row materials are required in production of cement. This leads to more efforts towards the use of waste materials with lower environmental impact The PSC Portland slag cement contains ground granulated blast furnace slag as constituent of cement . The Fly ash cement contains fly ash as cement constituent. In India slag cement has main share (about 60%) of the cement market. It is used for almost all types of concrete structures, while it is exclusive material for structures in marine environments. Whereas the Fly ash cement is not that appreciated in the market. The quality of fly ash cement depends on nature and amount of fly ash added to the clicker during manufacturing of the cement and the its fineness. Deficiency associated with the use of Fly ash cement is its low strength specially in early age. Similarly research papers show that slag cement gain strength at early stage but rate of gain of strength is low leading to comparatively less ultimate strength. Research studies indicate that inclusion of Silica Fume in binder mix positively improves the strength of the matrix and its chemical resistance but can create increase in water demand, placing difficulties, plastic shrinkage etc. However, all these materials have certain shortfalls but a proper combination of them can compensate each other’s drawbacks which may result in a good matrix product with enhance overall quality.
The aim of the present work is to make a comparative study of properties of these two types of cements mixed in different proportions. In addition study is made to determine the effect of addition of different proportions of silica fume to these binder mixes. All these studies are made on mortar mix of proportion 1:3 with one part of binder mix and three parts of sand. Performance of the mortar mixes will be studied and compared in terms of compressive strength, capillary absorption and porosity tests.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:study of properties like compressive strength, capillary absorption and porosity of binder mixes like slag cement, fly ash cement and 1:1 proportion of both cements with 0%,5%,10%,15% silica fume proportions.
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