Limestone Rock Fragmentation analysis Using WipFrag

Mandal, Venkatesh (2010) Limestone Rock Fragmentation analysis Using WipFrag. BTech thesis.



Quick and accurate measurements of size distribution are essential for managing fragmented rock and other materials. Various fragmentation measurement techniques are available and used by industry/researchers but most of the methods are time consuming and not precise. WipFrag is an automated image based granulometry system that uses digital image analysis of rock photographs and video tape images to determine grain size distributions. WipFrag images can be digitized from fixed video cameras in the field, or using roving camcorders. Photographic images can be digitized from slides, prints or negatives, using a desktop copy stand. Digital images in a variety of formats, delivered on disk or over electronic networks, can be used. In course of the project, ten rock pile samples have been collected using Sony camcorder at different angles. The photographs are analyzed in a system using WipFrag image analysis software. The analyses of photographs are carried out using single image and multiple image analysis techniques. The cumulative size distribution is obtained from single image analysis technique where as multiple image analysis technique is used for optimum rock fragmentation

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Limestone rock, WipFrag
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