OFDM Systems and PAPR Reduction Techniques in OFDM Systems

Dash, A A and Gagrai, V (2010) OFDM Systems and PAPR Reduction Techniques in OFDM Systems. BTech thesis.



Communication is one of the important aspects of life. With the advancement in age and its growing demands, there has been rapid growth in the field of communications. Signals, which were initially sent in the analog domain, are being sent more and more in the digital domain these days. For better transmission, even single – carrier waves are being replaced by multi – carriers. Multi – carrier systems like CDMA and OFDM are now – a – days being implemented commonly. In the OFDM system, orthogonally placed sub – carriers are used to carry the data from the transmitter end to the receiver end. Presence of guard band in this system deals with the problem of ISI and noise is minimized by larger number of sub – carriers. But the large Peak – to – Average Power Ratio of these signal have some undesirable effects on the system.
In this thesis we have focused on learning the basics of an OFDM System and have undertaken various methods to reduce the PAPR in the system so that this system can be used more commonly and effectively.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:OFDM, IDFT, ISI, ICI, PAPR, Cyclic Prefix, CCDF, Amplitude Clipping & Filtering, SLM, PTS.
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