Illumination and Noise Survey in Mines

Chattomba, A (2010) Illumination and Noise Survey in Mines. BTech thesis.



Provision of suitable work environment for the workers is essential for achieving higher production and productivity in both surface and underground mines. Poor lighting and noisy working conditions have negative effects on the workers’ morale and adversely affects their safety, health and performance. In order to assess the status of illumination and noise levels in mines, systematic illumination and noise surveys are needed to be conducted using appropriate statutory guidelines so that effective control measures can be taken up in mines. Keeping this in view, this project work was undertaken to carry out illumination and noise survey in few non-coal and coal mines of Orissa.


Understanding of the basic concepts of illumination and noise.
To measure illuminance level of luminaries using a digital luxmeter in surface and
underground coal/non-coal mines.
To conduct noise survey in few opencast and underground coal/non-coal mines.
To assess the adequacy of illumination and noise levels in mines vis-à-vis Indian standards.

Illumination survey was carried out at opencast mine of BSL Birmitrapur & Underground Coal Mines of MCL in Orissa, using Digital Luxmeter (Metravi1332).Similarly, noise survey was carried out in opencast mine of BSL Birmitrapur & Underground Coal Mines of MCL in Orissa, using Sound level meter (CEL 283). The results of studies were compared with the existing standards and due inferences were obtained.

The results obtained from illumination survey in mechanized unit of pathpahar mines of BSL reveal that at loading points, near crushers, mini crushers & dumping yards were adequate and are within the limits of Indian standards whereas illuminance levels in electrical substation, store room, rest rooms and electrical control rooms were inadequate.

From the survey results in underground coal mines of MCL, it was found that roadways were comparatively narrow and is not easy to illuminate uniformly because of limited height in underground. The excessive length of roadways in a mine below ground makes it uneconomical to provide lamps at all places; therefore, they are concentrated at places, which are most active i.e. pit bottoms, loading point etc. The illuminance level measured in inclined shafts & travelling roadways conveyance for man riding of Hirakhand Bundia mines were adequate.
The illuminance level measured in inclined shafts & travelling roadways in different levels of Nandira colliery, Talchir were fairly satisfactory. From the survey it was observed that most of the underground mines use florescent lights which provide better light distribution, longer lives, higher efficacy, better color concentration, and less glare potential.

Noise has become an integral part of mining environment. Introduction of more and more mechanization, powerful equipment is expected to increase more noise problems thereby inducing noise doses with associated physiological and psychological problems to the exposed populations. Repeated or prolonged exposure to excessive noise levels will lead to hearing impairment. Potential sources of noise emissions include compressors, drilling machines, crushers, or other mechanical equipment used at a mine. Wherever possible, such noise sources should be muffled with an effective acoustic absorbing material so as to reduce noise emissions to tolerable levels. Increasing the distance between the noise source and the listener is often a practical method of noise control. Where such noise control measures are not possible, comfortable and practical personal hearing protection devices, such as approved ear plugs or ear muffs, should be worn by every person exposed to noise levels exceeding 90 dBA.

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