FPGA based PWM techniques for controlling Inverter

Behera, Suryakant (2010) FPGA based PWM techniques for controlling Inverter. BTech thesis.



Pulse Width Modulation has nowadays become an integral part of every electronics system. These techniques have been widely accepted and are researched extensively nowadays. It has found its application in large number of applications as a voltage controller. Its use in controlling output voltage of Inverter is the most frequently used application. There are basically two main techniques of PWM Generation- Analog technique and Digital Technique.
This thesis deals with these two techniques. First Analog techniques were studied in detail but these techniques have some demerits. Due to these demerits digital techniques were studied. Various digital PWM Generator topologies were studied. The VHDL code for each of these topologies was written and synthesized using Xilinx ISE 10.1 software. Behavioral Simulation was performed on the architecture and after verifying the results this VHDL code was downloaded to SPARTAN 3E FPGA. After downloading the code in FPGA real time debugging was done for the architecture. The results were seen in Chipscope Pro software.
Also from Synthesis report generated after synthesizing the VHDL code of each digital PWM Generator topologies comparison was done between these topologies in terms of number of logic blocks used and device utilization of each architecture.

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