Design and Implementation of Embedded Based elevator Control System

Patjoshi, Rajesh (2010) Design and Implementation of Embedded Based elevator Control System. MTech thesis.



The elevator control system is one of the important aspects in electronics control module in automotive application. Here elevator control system is designed with different levels. First the elevator control system is implemented for multi-storage building. This implementation is based on FPGA based Fuzzy logic controller for intelligent control of elevator group system. This proposed approach is based on algorithm which is developed to reduce the amount of computation required by focusing only on relevant rules and ignoring those which are irrelevant to the condition for better performance of the group of elevator system. Here only two inputs are considered i.e. elevator car distance and number of stops. Based on these data the fuzzy controller can calculate the Performance Index (PI) of each elevator car, the car which has maximum PI gives the answer to the hall calls. This would facilitate reducing the Average Waiting Time (AWT) of the passenger.
In the second level, the dispatching algorithm is implemented for multi-storage building. Here six types of dispatching algorithms are considered. Based on the traffic situation and condition, one algorithm out of six is operated, that should reduce the Average Waiting Time of passenger and reduce the power consumption of elevator system.
The hardware part of the work consists of a simple D. C. Motor, which can control the up and down movement of the elevator car. This D. C. Motor is controlled through the MC9S12DP256B microcontroller. Here four floor elevator systems have been considered and every floor has two switches, one switch is used for up movement and another switch is used for down movement. Based on the switch pressed, the elevator car can move either in upward or downward direction. Here two sensors are used in every floor. One sensor is used for detecting the elevator car when elevator car reached to its destination floor. This sensor detects the car and stops the D.C. Motor. At the same time, another sensor is used for opening and closing the door.
Finally, a novel fuzzy based PID controller algorithm is implemented in the MC9S12dp256B microcontroller. This algorithm is mainly used for maintaining the constant speed of D.C. Motor with different load conditions.

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