Adsorption of CO2 on Indian coals

Adiraju, Bharadwaj (2010) Adsorption of CO2 on Indian coals. MTech thesis.



CO2 sorption studies were conducted for Raniganj coals of India from the point of view of CO2 adsorption & desorption and the effect of temperature, coal particle size and media pH. Adsorption and desorption studies were conducted for 4 samples with the highest adsorption capacity reported as 11.09mL/g of coal and lowest as 5.15mL/g at 30°C.Desorption studies revealed the existence of both positive and negative hysteresis curves. The minimum desorption capacity was attained for S -2, 1.29ml/g at the pressure of 22.361Psi. Hystresis was minimum for sample 1. While sample 3 and sample 5 showed maximum positive hysteresis. The hysteresis increases with increasing pressure initially and extended till 600Psi.Experimental data were verified using several adsorption isotherms such as Langmuir, BET, Dubinin-Astakhov (D-A) and Dubinin-Radushkevich (D-R). The Langmuir isotherm model was failed to predict the data accurately. The D-A model gave an enough satisfactory representation suggesting that the pore filling model proposed by the Polany. Sorption studies conducted at 30, 31.1, 40 and 50°C revealed that adsorption decreased with increase in temperature. These values were also compared with those obtained through the characteristic plots defined by the Dubinin-Ashtakov equation. CO2 adsorption behavior at new temperature fit in with the experimental data reported for CO2 adsorption below its critical temperature. The effect of particle size was studied by considering samples of 150µm, 650µm and 850µm and it was found that adsorption capacity decreased with increase in particle size. As far as the effect of pH was concerned, the adsorption capacity was highest for acidic media followed by alkaline media and neutral media.

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