Studies on Certain Aspects of Semi- Fluidization

Roy, G K (1974) Studies on Certain Aspects of Semi- Fluidization. PhD thesis.



A thesis entitled “Studies on Certain Aspects of Semi-fluidization" is submitted herewith. This is the first thesis based on the work planned to be carried out since 1968 on semi-fluidization- a new method of solid -fluid contacting visualized in the early 1960's. This work has been initiated in the department of Chemical Engineering and overcoming considerable initial troubles, the results obtained have been codified in the form of this Doctoral thesis. In the present work, two sets of apparatus have been constructed and experimental data have been obtained on the various aspects like the prediction of minimum and maximum semi-fluidization velocities, packed bed formation and total pressure drop in the semifluidized bed. These will form the basis for the design of semifluidized bed reactors for carry¬ing out fast exothermic reactions with better control. The data have been correlated by means of dimension¬less groups. The experimental values have been compared with those obtained, using correlations.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Semi-fluidization, solid -fluid, semifluidized bed.
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