Synthesis and Characterization of Al2O3-CeO2
Nano-Composites for Removal of Organic Dye Molecules

Sahu , Susmita Kumari (2011) Synthesis and Characterization of Al2O3-CeO2
Nano-Composites for Removal of Organic Dye Molecules.
MSc thesis.

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The Al2O3-CeO2 mixed nanocomposites were successfully prepared by using combustion synthetic process. The resulting nanocomposite has been characterized by using XRD, SEM and SEM-EDAX analytical techniques. The X-Ray diffraction (XRD) analysis studies clearly suggest the formation of alumina-ceria mixed composite. The SEM analysis indicates the formation of porous and flakes like morphology in mixed composite nanomaterials. The SEM-EDAX (Element detection X-Ray analysis) results indicate the presence of Al, Ce & O elements in the alumina/ceria mixed composites. The results of combustion synthesis elucidate that the fuel to oxidizer ratio is the most effective factor for the formation and surface morphology of mixed nanocomposite. The synthesized Al2O3-CeO2 mixed nanocomposite has been used for the adsorption studies of Congo red and Methyl orange dye by batch experiments. It is found from the adsorption studies that the removal percentage of Congo red is much better then methyl orange. CeO2 particles are good adsorbent materials for removal of Congo-red and Methyl Orange dyes as compare to the pure alumina nanopowder. However, the adsorption capacity of alumina can be improve by doping with CeO2.

Item Type:Thesis ( MSc)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Al2O3-CeO2 composite, Combustion Synthesis, Congo red, Methyl Orange
Subjects:Chemistry > Physical Chemistry > Nanoparticle Characterization
Chemistry > Physical Chemistry > Nanoparticle Synthesis
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Deposited By:Sahu Susmita Kumari
Deposited On:06 May 2011 15:07
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Supervisor(s):Hota, G

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