Analysis of TX-100 based microemulsion in the presence of TB drug isoniazid

Kumar, Shailesh (2011) Analysis of TX-100 based microemulsion in the presence of TB drug isoniazid. MSc thesis.



The present study delineate the formulation of microemulsion composed of TX-100:AcOH(1:1), Chloroform, Water and to investigate its potential as drug delivery system for an antitubercular drug isoniazid. The pseudo-ternary phase diagram (Gibbs Triangle) were constructed for these systems with and without isoniazid. Microemulsion system showed the occurrence of structural changes from water-in-oil to oil-in-water microemulsion. It has been observed that the microemulsion remained stable after the incorporation of isoniazid. After dilution a controlled release of drug is expected from o/w emulsion droplet. Further to study the incorporation of drug in TX100 based microemulsion in presence of cetyl trimethyl ammonium dichromate (CTADC), a lipophylic oxidant, phase diagrams of systems containing TX-100:AcOH(1:1), Chloroform, CTADC, Water has been constructed in the presence and absence of isoniazid. The results suggested that isoniazid binds to the CTADC in o/w and w/o microemulsion. Thus drug release is possible where there is demand for the drug. The present TX 100 based microemulsion in presence of CTADC appears beneficial for the delivery of the isoniazid.

Item Type:Thesis ( MSc)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Microemulsion,TX-100:AcOH, Chloroform,cetyl trimethyl ammonium dichromate (CTADC),isoniazid
Subjects:Chemistry > Organic Chemistry
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Deposited On:09 May 2011 11:33
Last Modified:14 Jun 2012 09:45
Supervisor(s):Patel, S

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