Estimation of Enzymatic Activities of Different Species of Mushrooms

Chandra Mishra , Rahul (2011) Estimation of Enzymatic Activities of Different Species of Mushrooms. MSc thesis.



Mushrooms are widely spread saprophytic macro-organisms, belong to class fungi growing on dead organic matter of vegetative origin. They can utilize almost all agricultural wastes as their substrates for their growth and metabolism. During the growth of mushroom mycelia and their development into mature fruiting bodies (or sporophores), various biochemical changes are known to occur, as a result of which enzymes are secreted extracellularly to degrade the insoluble materials to simple and soluble molecules. Consequently, enzymes play a significant role in mushroom development; in addition, they also affect the food and nutrient value, flavour and shelf life of these fungi. Pleurotus spp, Volvariella volvaceae and Ganoderma lucidium are edible tropical fast-growing, wood degrading macro fungi that are of economic importance in India as both the sporophores and tuberous sclerotia are not only edible but also are used in medicinal preparations by native doctors. This work was undertaken to evaluate the enzymatic activities of Pleurotus florida, Pleurotus sajor caju, Vovariella volvaceae and Ganoderma lucidium and the effects of these enzymes on shelf life and food nutrients of these mushrooms.

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