Face Detection and Recognition using Skin Segmentation and Elastic Bunch Graph Matching

Sarkar, Sayantan and Kayal, Subhradeep (2011) Face Detection and Recognition using Skin Segmentation and Elastic Bunch Graph Matching. BTech thesis.



Recently, face detection and recognition is attracting a lot of interest in areas such as network security, content indexing and retrieval, and video compression, because ‘people’ are the object of attention in a lot of video or images. To perform such real-time detection and recognition, novel algorithms are needed, which better current efficiencies and speeds. This project is aimed at developing an efficient algorithm for face detection and recognition.
This project is divided into two parts, the detection of a face from a complex environment and the subsequent recognition by comparison. For the detection portion, we present an algorithm based on skin segmentation, morphological operators and template matching. The skin segmentation isolates the face-like regions in a complex image and the following operations of morphology and template matching help reject false matches and extract faces from regions containing multiple faces.
For the recognition of the face, we have chosen to use the ‘EGBM’ (Elastic Bunch Graph Matching) algorithm. For identifying faces, this system uses single images out of a database having one image per person. The task is complex because of variation in terms of position, size, expression, and pose. The system decreases this variance by extracting face descriptions in the form of image graphs. In this, the node points (chosen as eyes, nose, lips and chin) are described by sets of wavelet components (called ‘jets’). Image graph extraction is based on an approach called the ‘bunch graph’, which is constructed from a set of sample image graphs. Recognition is based on a directly comparing these graphs. The advantage of this method is in its tolerance to lighting conditions and requirement of less number of images per person in the database for comparison.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Face Detection, Face Recognition, Image Segmentation, Elastic Bunch Graph Mapping, EBGM, Gabor, Skin Segmentation
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Electrical Engineering > Image Segmentation
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