Comparison of financial investments and return on capital in the mining industry of developing countries

Nanda, Abhishek (2011) Comparison of financial investments and return on capital in the mining industry of developing countries. BTech thesis.



Mining is one of the most important industries in our society and has been there for ages. The resources extracted from the earth are fundamental in providing us with the quality of life we enjoy each day from the cars we drive to our cell phones we use. The food we eat is produced and harvested by machinery formed out of metals and mineral resources. The clothes we wear are treated and coated with dyes created from a variety of elements. Some fabrics are completely constructed from mined substances. It is not surprising to see that mineral resources have been widely spread throughout the world in almost every continent. Economical extraction and optimum use of these resources is what is essential to every country in its development. For a country to effectively mine its natural resources is one of its biggest assets. In this age when every item seems to be linked to mining directly or indirectly a country’s mineral wealth is far more valued above everything else. And as we read this not only the developed countries but also the developing countries are in the forefront of the mining industry. Small-scale mining is expanding rapidly and is uncontrollable in many developing countries. Slowly this small scale mining is turning into a full-fledged industry. Around 90 million people worldwide depend for their livelihoods on the often scant proceeds of mining. Several factors such as market liberalization and the privatization of state-owned companies, the privileged access of local companies to significant and underdeveloped local resources, the strong financial positions due to the mining boom of 2003-2008, the drive for geographic and commodity diversification and also strategic expansion have led to this significant expansion of this industry in developing countries. An effective comparison should be made between among the developing countries as far as the mining sector is concerned as far as the mining sector is concerned. This will effectively help to rank and index them according to their contribution and benefit from the mining sector. Many factors ranging from financial to social have an impact on this however for the simplicity of the matter it is best to restrict ourselves to financial constraints only.

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