Insilico Annotation of Un-characterized proteins of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis

Nayak, Santosh Kumar and Murum, Kiran Soy (2011) Insilico Annotation of Un-characterized proteins of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. BTech thesis.



Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) is a pathogenic bacteria species in the genus Mycobacterium and the causative agent of most cases of tuberculosis. The genome of the H37Rv strain was published in 1998. Its size is 4 million base pairs, with 3959 genes; 40% of these genes have had their function characterised, with possible function postulated for another 44%. Within the genome are also 6 pseudo genes. The genome contains 250 genes involved in fatty acid metabolism, with 39 of these involved in the polyketide metabolism generating the waxy coat. Such large numbers of conserved genes show the evolutionary importance of the waxy coat to pathogen survival.The current work suggests a computational approach to annotate the putative function of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis.Over all 30 sequences were collected from the swiss prot data base.The insilico based annotation were performed by using BLAST,SMART,THMHM,and prediction of the motif.The result suggest that most of the uncharacterised protein resembles more to the chromosome assembly protein and also receptors.Again the motif and domains in the uncharacterise proteins has been predicted.Since the prediction of the function of this uncharacterise protein might be help ful to findout the specific drug target against this deadliest pathogen

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Mycobacterium,uncharacterised protein,insilico annotation, function prediction
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Deposited On:16 May 2011 17:14
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