Implementation of reed solomon error correcting codes

Agrawal, Mohit (2011) Implementation of reed solomon error correcting codes. BTech thesis.



In the present world, communication has got many applications such as telephonic conversations etc. in which the messages are encoded into the communication channel and then decoding it at the receiver end. During the transfer of message, the data might get corrupted due to lots of disturbances in the communication channel. So it is necessary for the decoder tool to also have a function of correcting the error that might occur. Reed Solomon codes are type of burst error detecting codes which has got many applications due to its burst error detection and correction nature. My aim of the project is to implement this reed Solomon codes in a VHDL test bench waveform and also to analyse the error probability that is occurring during transmission.
To perform this check one can start with simulating reed Solomon codes in MATLAB and then going for simulation in XILINX writing the VHDL code. The encoder and decoder design of reed Solomon codes have got different algorithms. Based on your requirements you can use those algorithms. The difference between the algorithms is that of the computational calculations between them. The complexity of the code depends on the algorithm used. I will be using Linear Feedback Shift Register circuit for designing the encoder.

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