Dynamics and Control of Distillation using Aspen

Kaushik, Vishal (2011) Dynamics and Control of Distillation using Aspen. BTech thesis.

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This thesis interprets about the dynamics and control study of distillation columns using Aspen. As all of us are aware, that distillation is one of the most important separation processes in the Chemical Engineering. In the present thesis, simulation studies of the distillation column are presented. Steady state simulations are being performed using Aspen Plus followed by Aspen Dynamic simulation, licensed software of Aspen Tech. In the steady state simulation we have tried to see the effect of changing the flow rate of the extracting solvent etc., which gives
criterion about the optimum flow rate in the distillation column. The basic controllers are used for controlling sump level, reflux level and molar feed flow rate. Further two important strategies used for controlling the purity of distillate are: (1) controlling the tray temperature where the maximum change of temperature is observed due to reboiler heat change (2) composition controller. Tyreus ¡VLuyben method is used to tune the proportional integrator controller (PI) for temperature and composition control. The location of temperature controlled tray is obtained by
steady state gain value. The design value of integral time constant, I Ċ of temperature control and composition control configurations are found as 2.54 min. and 68.54 min. respectively. Hence, response of temperature controller is faster than the composition controller, but on account of less purity. Thus results encourage to use cascade controller.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Aspen plus, cascade control
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Chemical Engineering > Process Control
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