High Energy Radiation Effects in Semiconductor Devices
used in Space Applications

Agarwal, Manik (2011) High Energy Radiation Effects in Semiconductor Devices
used in Space Applications.
BTech thesis.



Semiconductor is a very diverse field today. Semiconductor devices are being used everywhere these days. It holds a key for space application as well. But earths space
comprises of many harmful high energy radiation. These radiations results in ab- normal behavior of these semiconductor devices which is totally undesirable. In this
project we study the working of some basic devices like diode and transistors. We also study the different types of radiations present in the earths atmosphere. The ef-
fect of these radiations was studied on Silicon and GaAs p-n diode and also on GaAs MESFET using ATLAS Simulation tool. Dierent models and methods are employed
within ATLAS for our study. The parameters are set using Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy method for measuring radiation defects.Different models such as srh, conmob,
dmob, bandgap narrowing are used for effective implementation of changes occurring related to radiation damage. Numerical methods like Newton, newton trap, Gummel, etc. are also used for calculating iteration values. We find a great deal of changes in the values of current in case of diodes.Also on studying the MESFET in presence of these radiation prone defects, we found a shift in the threshold voltage of transistor and also the performance of the device was hindered while the transistor was used as a switch, as can be inferred from the transient analysis of drain current.

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