Simultaneous image and signal acquisition for foot force analysis

Puri, Anup (2011) Simultaneous image and signal acquisition for foot force analysis. BTech thesis.

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Gait analysis is the study of locomotion. There are many applications of gait analysis, some of which are, treatment of the pathological conditions (Pathological gait), development of new prostheses and orthoses devices for rehabilitation, and in the field of biometrics for identifying an individual based on gait information. Main goal of most of the gait analysis is to study the kinematics (the position and motion of different joints) and kinetics (Force that causes the motion) of the joints. To analyze the kinematics and kinetics of the different joints during locomotion, many instruments are required such as a force plate. Force plate is used to measure the ground reaction force, the force exerted by body over the ground during locomotion. Using inverse dynamics approach we can measure the moment across the joints through the use of ground reaction forces. In this experiment, we are modifying an existing Force Plate design, which records ground reaction forces using the strain gauge, by fitting an integrated web-camera that will also record foot imprints from below the force plate instrument. The combination of the strain gauge signal and the image helps in determining the area of the foot in contact with the plate, and the type of strain gauge signal recorded at that moment. We hope that this low cost force plate instrument with the integrated web-camera can aid in the better analysis of gait using the force plate instrument.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Force Plate, Foot Force, Gait Analysis, Force Plate instrument
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