Study of Spatial and Transform Domain Filters for Efficient Noise Reduction

Kanithi, Anil kumar (2011) Study of Spatial and Transform Domain Filters for Efficient Noise Reduction. MTech thesis.



Reducing Noise in an noisy image is important pre-processing task before further processing of image like segmentation, feature extraction, texture analysis etc. Efficient Noise reduction method should retain the edges and other detailed features as much as possible. This noise gets introduced during acquisition, transmission & reception and storage & retrieval processes. As a result, there is degradation in visual quality of an image. The noises considered in this thesis Additive Gaussian White Noise (AWGN) and Multiplicative (Speckle) Noise. The main images considered are ultrasound images,where quality is reduced due to speckle noise,whih is multiplicative in nature.using the advantage of logarithmic transform it can be transformed into additive noise.
Many spatial-Domain filters such as Mean filter, Median filter, Alpha-trimmed mean filter, Wiener filter, Anisotropic diffusion filter, Total variation filter, Lee filter, Bilateral filter,Circular Spatial Filter are studied and analyzed for suppression of AWGN as well as Speckle Noise. Also many Wavelet-domain filters such as Visu Shrink, Sure Shrink, Bayes Shrink,Oracle Shrink,Neigh Shrink,Smooth Shrink,Fuzzy based Wavelet Shrink are studied and analyzed under various noise conditions.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Spatial and Transform domain filters
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