Support optimization tool for aero engine configuration systems

Haran Pragalath, D C (2011) Support optimization tool for aero engine configuration systems. MTech thesis.



In an aircraft engine, basic functionality of configuration system is to form the network of supply lines for air, fuel & oil. Configuration hardware mainly consists of tubes, ducts, valves & support brackets. Many of the Aircraft engines are failed due to failure of fuel pipes and caused big hazards. Hence to avoid accidents, hard wares are designed properly against the failures. In order to use the resources properly optimum design of hard wares is necessary.
The two basic design requirements for configuration systems are: (a) high cycle fatigue (vibratory stresses) and (b) low cycle fatigue (thermally induced stresses). Under these design requirements optimum design can be done through the selection of critical design parameters. Critical design parameters in a configuration system considered in the present study are: (i) Support location for the tube layout and (ii) Bracket support type at this location. The judicious selections of these two design parameters greatly influence the high cycle fatigue and low cycle fatigue life. This also helps in reducing the weight and cost of the system.
Design optimisation is an iterative process and computer software can help to obtain an optimum design. In the present study, user friendly software is developed using TCL/TK environment. This is linked with a commercial software ANSYS and PEZ tool. ANSYS is used to carry out the structural analysis considering preliminary support locations. Analysis results from ANSYS are the inputs for the optimization analysis. PEZ tool modifies the support locations based on the optimization results. ANSYS will analyse the structure once again based on the modified support locations. This loop will continue till target reaches.

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