Study of object detection and reading(license plate detection and reading)

Gajula, Nanda kishore (2011) Study of object detection and reading(license plate detection and reading). MTech thesis.



Object detection means finding the location of the object and recognizing what it is. The techniques used for the object detection are feature matching algorithm, pattern comparison and boundary detection. The feature matching algorithm is used to find the best matching object in the knowledge base and to implement the reconstruction of the object recognized.
Our object detection is to detect the license plate detection of the car. To detect the license plate of a car first pre-process the image. The commonly license plate locating algorithms include line detection method, neural networks method, fuzzy logic vehicle license plate locating method. “Connected component analysis” is very easy technique than these techniques.
In the pretreatment process we first crop the image. After this we convert the color image to gray level image. After converting into gray level that image is filtered using three different types of filters. They are Average, Median, Weiner filters. After deciding the good filter we will apply the segmentation process using edge detection. After finding the edges we will give the numbers to each connected component and store all the connected components in a matrix called labeling matrix. Extract the required connected component using the labeling matrix and store that in an image. Compare this template with our database using template matching technique.
Template matching technique uses the correlation procedure. We will find the correlation coefficient between the two templates. Depending upon the correlation coefficient we will find that how much the two templates are similar to each other.

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