Analyze a wireless signal services in new built hall of residence in NIT, Rourkela

Warkadey, Rahul (2011) Analyze a wireless signal services in new built hall of residence in NIT, Rourkela. BTech thesis.



In recent years, wireless technology with its sub standard 802.11 gaining popularity in deploying for positioning system. With development of mobile computing devices and wireless technique, location detection system is used to determine users’ location either in indoor or outdoor environment that relies on Wi-Fi signal strength. The aim of this project is to analyze the wireless signal services of different position from access point based on signal strength that broadcast by access point. Beside that this project also apply application is very helpful to detecting the access point strength cover up the areas to provide signal strength which is can determine the signal strength of access point where the signal is good at certain distant . In this project, I used different software. That is very helpful for me determining the signal strength and the detection access point and realizing the quality of the signal software used net stumbler and peed pro test net-stumbler software is used to detecting the access point in the area. It also provides other information of signal strength bandwidth of signal and nearest access point speed pro test is used for Wi-Fi graphical representation of Wi-Fi signals.
These experimental results that demonstrate the ability of Wi-Fi Positioning system to estimate location of the devices at different measurable distances and result in application part is shown based on highest percentage accuracy of providing signal strength.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:WLAN, access points, Independent Basic Service Set, Open Systems Interconnection Model
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