Dynamic Stability Enhancement of Power System Using Fuzzy Logic Based Power System Stabilizer

Rout, Kamalesh Chandra (2011) Dynamic Stability Enhancement of Power System Using Fuzzy Logic Based Power System Stabilizer. MTech by Research thesis.



Power systems are subjected to low frequency disturbances that might cause loss of synchronism and an eventual breakdown of entire system. The oscillations, which are typically in the frequency range of 0.2 to 3.0 Hz, might be excited by the disturbances in the system or, in some cases, might even build up spontaneously. These scillations limit the power transmission capability of a network and, sometimes, even cause a loss of synchronism and an eventual breakdown of the entire system. For this purpose, Power system stabilizers (PSS) are used to generate supplementary control signals for the excitation system in order to damp these low frequency power system oscillations.The use of power system stabilizers has become very common in operation of large electric power systems. The conventional PSS which uses lead-lag compensation, where gain settings designed for speci¯c operating conditions,is giving poor performance under di®erent loading conditions. The constantly changing nature of power system makes the design of CPSS a di±cult task. Therefore, it is very di±cult to design a stabilizer that could present good performance in all operating points of electric power systems. To overcome the drawback of conventional power system stabilizer(CPSS), many techniques such as fuzzy logic, genetic algorithm, neural network etc. have been proposed in the literature.In an attempt to cover a wide range of operating conditions, Fuzzy logic based technique has been suggested as a possible solution to overcome the above problem, thereby using this technique complex system mathematical model can be avoided, while giving good performance under di®erent operating conditions. Fuzzy Logic has the features of simple concept, easy implementation, and computationally e±cient. The fuzzy logic based power system stabilizer model is evaluated on a single machine in¯nite bus power system, and then the performance of Conventional power system stabilizer (CPSS) and Fuzzy logic based Power system stabilizer (FLPSS) are compared. Results presented in the thesis demonstrate that the fuzzy logic based power system stabilizer design gives better performance than the Conven-
tional Power system stabilizer.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Power System Stabilizers,Conventional Power System Stabilizer,Fuzzy logic Based Power System Stabilizer,Genetic Algorithm, Neural Network
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