Effect of Operating Parameters on Electrochemical Deposition of Metallic Thin Film in Presence of Ultrasound

Sahoo, Seshadev (2008) Effect of Operating Parameters on Electrochemical Deposition of Metallic Thin Film in Presence of Ultrasound. MTech thesis.



Due to their small size and thickness, nanostructured thin films exhibit novel properties which largely differ from the bulk materials. Due to their significant properties it can be used as microelectronic materials, bacteriostatic materials, catalytic materials or magnetorecording materials, antibacterial materials, cryogenic superconducting materials, biosensor materials. Generally the shape, size, and size distribution of particulates and grains can be controlled by adjusting the reaction condition such as external and internal parameters like temperature, electrolyte concentration, current density, PH of the solution. Sonoelectrochemistry is the study of the effects of the combination of ultrasonic radiation with electrode processes occurring at surfaces of electrodes immersed in a solution in an electrochemical cell. The ultrasound plays an important role to produce cavitation bubbles inside the electrolyte by rupturing the chemical bonds between molecules and electrolyte. The cavitation bubbles implosively collapse within a very short time after undergoing the formation growth and contraction. Synthesis under low temperature may avoid undesirable interdiffusion between adjacent layers and structures and allows uniform modification of surfaces and structures with reduced grain size. In this work we prepare the copper thin film by sonoelectrosynthesis method. The grain size, mechanical and electrical properties of the electrodeposited metal thin film depends upon various parameters like temperature, PH, current density, and concentration of electrolyte and also ultrasound has many numerous effects on the grain size, hardness, porosity and brightness of the deposits. This particle can characterized by XRD, SEM, AFM, DSC and study the mechanical properties by nanaoidentation.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Sonoelectrochemistry, Thin Film, Characterization, Copper
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Engineering and Technology > Metallurgical and Materials Science > Nanotechnology > Electrochemical Systhesis
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