Harnessing of Wave Power from Horizontal Flow Dynamics of Shallow Waves

Kumar, Ranjeet and Sagiraju, S R (2009) Harnessing of Wave Power from Horizontal Flow Dynamics of Shallow Waves. BTech thesis.



Harnessing Ocean Wave power is a potential source of renewable form of energy. Our project was aimed at finding the constraints and proposing a suitable solution to utilize this form of energy. Ocean Wave Power is the most predictable, periodic and concentrated source among all renewable sources, but the constraints imposed on its harnessing are a result of its Ocean environment. Ocean wave dissipates energy in several strata of circular oscillation. But with depth induced water pressure these circular oscillation are squished into ellipse that approximates to back & forth motion. Statistically the horizontal oscillation shares the 68% of energy spectrum of wave energy. But due to irregular flow and variable pressure conventional hydropower harnessing techniques become improbable. In our project we have proposed a simple solution that takes the direct advantage of utilizing this energetic horizontal momentum of ocean waves, without in between conversion.
Our project works in parallel and in tandem with another group working on this project but deals with a different aspect of the problem. Our project has worked on finding the depth induced variation of distribution of ocean energy and maximum optimum depth for harnessing. The suitable components required for conversion from mechanical to electrical energy were analyzed. The slow rpm speed output needed attention for its conversion and Axial/Transverse Flux Permanent seemed to be the solution for our scenario.

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