Synthesis of Zirconium Polyacrylyte For The Removal of Arsenic (III) From Water

Bindhani, Jyotsna (2012) Synthesis of Zirconium Polyacrylyte For The Removal of Arsenic (III) From Water. MSc thesis.



In view of the toxic properties of arsenic, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a maximum concentration of 10 µg L−1 of arsenic in drinking water. Arsenic (As) content in groundwater causes great problem to the world wide people, especially in Bangladesh and some part of West Bengal. A low cost adsorbent material has been used for the removal of arsenic from synthetic sample water. In the present work, As (III) has been removed from synthetic water by synthesized zirconium polyacrylyte as a novel hybrid material by adsorption method. The hybrid material is prepared by sol-gel and co-precipitation method and stock solution of As (III) for concentration of100 mg/L has been prepared by mixing 0.1 g of sodium arsenite, and then remaining diluted with distilled water. And the material was characterized by FTIR, Particle size, XRD, SEM, BET, TGA-DTA combined with energy dispersive spectrum technique. After that the extent of adsorption was studied by using various parameters such as pH, reaction temperature, and contact time, adsorbent concentration .The maximum removal efficiency of As (III) was 96% at the pH 8 with adsorbent dose of 0.6 gm/L for the time period of 30 minutes and at 30-40oc temperature.

Item Type:Thesis ( MSc)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Zirconium, AAS, XRD, Adsorption
Subjects:Chemistry > Environmental Chemistry
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Deposited On:04 May 2012 11:13
Last Modified:04 May 2012 11:13
Supervisor(s):Patel, R K

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