Synthesis and reactivity of metal acetylide complexes

Dhar, Sabuj (2012) Synthesis and reactivity of metal acetylide complexes. MSc thesis.



Concerted research is being carried out to synthèses various types of metal acetylides. Acetylides give excellent reaction versatility towards metal counterpart. Flexibility in the molecular conformation also increases. In this project two metal acetylides of iron and tungsten have been prepared. [LM(CO)nC≡CR] [{L=5-C5H5, M = W, R = (5-C5H4)Fe(5-C5H5), n = 3},{L=5-C5Me5, M = Fe, R = Ph, n = 2}] . Then CS2 has been incorporated in the metal acetylides prepared. Insertion of CS2 has been observed into metal –carbon acetylide bond when exposed to mild sunlight to obtain a variety of transition metal dithiolato complexes. The tungsten complex containing ferrocenyldithiolato ligand has been very interesting due to the presence of two types of metal species bridged by a S2C3 unit.
The resulting compound was characterised by UV-visible spectroscopy, IR, NMR. The electrochemical studies was carried out.

Item Type:Thesis ( MSc)
Uncontrolled Keywords:metal acetylide complexes,ferrocene,CH2 incorporation
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