Removal efficiency of Fluoride by La induced Zr-Phosphate porous Material

Pandey, Niraj (2012) Removal efficiency of Fluoride by La induced Zr-Phosphate porous Material. MSc thesis.



The present study describes the synthesis of porous zirconium phosphate (ZrP) by incorporating Lanthanum into it for removal of fluoride from synthetic water solution. Characterization of the material was done with XRD, SEM, TG-DTA, FTIR, BET surface area, and particle size. Adsorption kinetics and isotherm of fluoride removal from aqueous synthetic solution was studied by batch model as a function of adsorbent dose, pH of solution, contact time, initial fluoride concentration and temperature. The percentage removal of fluoride was 96% at an optimal condition of initial concentration; 10mg/L, adsorbent dose; 4g/l, contact time; 120min, at pH; 7. Adsorption kinetic study revealed that the adsorption process followed pseudo-second order. The removal process followed the Langmuir adsorption isotherm. A SEM and XRD study shows that it is a porous material. The maximum loading capacity was found to be 15.55 mg/g with 100 mg/l concentration of fluoride. The process followed an endothermic nature, with variation of temp. from 20-600C. The material Lanthanum incorporated ZrP can be regenerated for further use which was tested up to five cycles of operation.

Item Type:Thesis ( MSc)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Porous material, La-Zirconium phosphate, Fluoride adsorption
Subjects:Chemistry > Environmental Chemistry
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Deposited On:08 May 2012 17:51
Last Modified:08 May 2012 17:51
Supervisor(s):Patel, R K

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