Isolation and Characterization of Soybean (Glycine max) Lectin

Bhol, Chandra Sekhar (2012) Isolation and Characterization of Soybean (Glycine max) Lectin. MSc thesis.



Plant lectins have a wide spectrum of biological significance. In this thesis work the isolation and characterization of thelectins(SBL) from the Soybean(Glycine max) have been reported. The lactose binding lectins were purified from the Soybean seeds by performing affinity chromatography using a lactamylsepharose 4Bcolumn. Affinity products were dialysed against PBS and SDS-PAGE was done to identify the fractions’molecular weight. Furthermore, haemagglutination assay was performed for crude, 20% cut, 60% cut, 90% cut, 60% affinity and 90% affinity portion using AB blood group type. This work explored different techniques of protein (lectin) purification and describing their characteristics by doing the haemagglutination assay.

Item Type:Thesis ( MSc)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Soybean lectin, SBL, Affinity chromatography, SDS-PAGE, haemagglutination assay.
Subjects:Life Science > Cancer Biology
Divisions: Sciences > Department of Life Science
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Deposited By:Bhol Chandra Sekhar
Deposited On:08 May 2012 21:15
Last Modified:08 May 2012 21:15
Supervisor(s):Bhutia, S K

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