Magnetic Properties of $CoFe_2O_4$ Nano Particles Hosted in Silica Xerogels

Swer, Phibahunlang (2009) Magnetic Properties of $CoFe_2O_4$ Nano Particles Hosted in Silica Xerogels. BTech thesis.



$CoFe_2O_4/SiO_2$ magnetic nanocomposites have high potential for applications as magnetic fluids , drug delivery , and high density information storage due to the remarkable properties of bulk cobalt ferrite (strong anisotropy, high saturation magnetization and coercivity, mechanical hardness, and chemical stability), combined with the magnetic properties typical of the nanoparticles, which depend strongly on particle size and shape, particle–matrix interactions, and degree of dispersion throughout the matrix.However, the aggregation and the coarseness of nanocrystallites at elevated temperature remain a critical obstacle for most of these synthesis techniques when fabricating the required nanoparticles. In order to overcome the obstacle, attempts have been made by dispersing nanoparticles in suitable matrix, such as resin, polymer films and silica glass. . Hence, it is a challenge to disperse nano particles completely and synthesized it by a simple processing. Therefore, a project has been taken up to study the magnetic properties of $CoFe_2O_4$ nanoparticles hosted in silica gel. The report presents the synthesis of $CoFe_2O_4$ nanoparticles hosted in silica xerogels and its characterization in terms of its particles size, effect of concentration on the magnetic properties.

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