Modelling of Photovoltaic Water Pumping System using Frequency Control of Inverter

Maria, Rosan and Chakraborty, Debayan and Khuntia, Sudeep Kumar (2012) Modelling of Photovoltaic Water Pumping System using Frequency Control of Inverter. BTech thesis.



The depletion of fossil fuels and the increasing demand of energy have led to discovering new and supplement sources. In this direction the non conventional sources of energy have proved to be a great supplement. Not only that, few of these sources are the only solution to the power requirement where conventional power generation is not possible or its transmission from the source to that point is too costly. In such cases the power generation based on any of the non conventional source must be efficient to its maximum. In this project an application specific photovoltaic power generation system is designed along with a control mechanism which assists in extraction of increased power at any level of insolation than the normal mode of operation which includes constant frequency inverter operation. The primary use of PV system is usually in the process of water pumping for irrigation and other domestic application. Thus the system designed here is a “FREQUENCY CONTROL BASED WATER PUMPING SYSTEM”. The chief components of this system includes a PV array, a 3 Phase 180 degree mode voltage source inverter, a 3 phase induction motor and a centrifugal pump. Besides this there is a microprocessor based control block which sends the inverter the required control signal to help it track the maximum power. The complete project is based on the Simulink models and their simulation results which are expected to represent the real world components to the closest proximity.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:six-step inverter, frequency control, water pumping system, photovoltaic cell
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Electrical Engineering > Non Conventional Energy
Divisions: Engineering and Technology > Department of Electrical Engineering
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Deposited On:23 May 2012 15:57
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Supervisor(s):Samanta, S

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