Development of a certificate less digital signature
scheme & implementation in e-cash system

Sahoo, Pravat Kumar and Lenka, Mrutyunjaya (2012) Development of a certificate less digital signature
scheme & implementation in e-cash system.
BTech thesis.



Today’s wireless communication systems having limited computational resources and communication bandwidth find certificate less public-key cryptosystems very attractive and vital to their operations in the sense that they help in reducing a significant amount of data load on the network. To eliminate the need of public key digital certificates Shamir proposed ID based cryptosystems in which the user’s identity (e.g. name or email id) is used as the public key. However this method had a major drawback of the key escrow problem as a result of which certificate less digital signature (CDS) came into light. The main idea behind CDS is that there’s a private key generator (PKG) which generates a partial private key for the user .Then using that key and some of its own private information the user computes its actual private key. PKG’s public parameters and the user’s private key together calculate the user’s public key. Harn, Ren and Lin in 2008 proposed a CDS model which consisted of four generic modules namely PKG, user key generation, signature generation and verification. In this paper, we propose an improvement of the aforesaid CDS scheme in terms of time complexity and signature length and implement the new scheme in an e-cash model proposed by Popescu and Oros. Performance analysis of both the schemes has been carried out in details.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
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