Simulation of Fuel Cell for renewable energy system

Pathaw, Ibadahun (2012) Simulation of Fuel Cell for renewable energy system. BTech thesis.



A fuel cell is a device that converts the chemical energy from the fuel cell to electrical energy. The principle of fuel cell was first introduce by German scientist Christian Friedrich Schonbein in 1838. A typical fuel cell produces a voltage from 0.6 to 0.7 volts at full rated. Fuel cell uses hydrogen as a fuel and it has a high energy conversion efficiency. Fuel cell mostly have electrical efficiencies to upto 60% electrical efficiency. A fuel cell resembles a fuel cell in many aspects but in case of a fuel cell it can supply electricity for a longer period of time and it also has the advantage as it is not required to recharged except that the amount of hydrogen have to be maintain. Fuel cell have come into use in many aspects in this modern world as a form of renewable and unexhaustable energy suppy. It has been installed in places such as hospitals, utility plant and many other uses. The use of fuel cell in the production of electricl automobile have open up new scopes in the research program in this field. The fuel cell gain its popularity in this world use after its use in space satellites for suppy of electricity. The work in the field of fuel cell is still in progress till date.
The research of the Modeling of PEMFC (Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell) is mostly based on the fundamentals of the chemical reactions or other equations. This paper has been prepared by me as per my project for the numerical simulation of a fuel cell. This paper have been studied inorder to obtained the maximum potential output given from a fuel cell by studying the V – I characteristics obtained from the simulation of the cell from the matlab model and the different simulation are obtained.

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