Future of Aluminium Industry in India

Sas, Saswat Sachidananda (2012) Future of Aluminium Industry in India. BTech thesis.



The purpose of the project is studying the factors affecting the growth of Aluminium Industry and predicting the production of Aluminium for the next two decades.
Aluminium is the third abundant element in the earth crust. It never occurs as a free element. It is a silvery white metal with a wide range of application in the transport, construction, packaging industry, electronic production, household appliances, etc., and consequently the economic
activities of these industrial sectors determine the overall demand for aluminium. A model is designed to be a flexible tool in accommodating certain factors that impacts the metal‘s growth and its subsequent production in India. Consumption of Aluminium goes hand in hand with production. So a future prediction of Aluminium production is projected considering the Gross Domestic Product, Population, Power and Automobiles. The aluminium model simulates the technology evolution of the industry from 1980 to 2030, prior to primary Aluminium production. Several future projections has also been portrayed and correlated in the
model to illustrate the technology dynamics of the sector‘s future.

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