Synthesis and biocompatibility evaluation of gelatin based hydrogels

Bhagat, Pradeep (2012) Synthesis and biocompatibility evaluation of gelatin based hydrogels. BTech thesis.



The research study describes the development of gelatin based hydrogels. Four different hydrogels were prepared by varying poly-ethylene glycol (PEG) and gelatin ratios. The hydrogel samples were characterized by FT-IR technique. The hydrogels were evaluated by swelling studies, mucoadhesive test, antimicrobial growth and haemocompatibility test. Metronidazole drug was incorporated within hydrogels and their in-vitro drug release behavior was studied.

Swelling studies of hydrogels were carried out in PBS solution of pH = 7.2. It was observed that with increase in volumetric ratio of gelatin to PEG, there is increase in swelling behavior. Mucoadhesive study showed that all these hydrogel samples were highly mucoadhesive. Mucoadhesivity was found to be less with lower gelatin content. Antimicrobial studies using B. Subtilis showed that drug loaded hydrogel samples exhibited better zone of inhibition than the blank hydrogels. The haemocompatibility test was carried out using goat’s blood. The percentage of haemolysis was found to be less than 5 percent which indicates that all these hydrogels are highly haemocompatible with blood.
Drug release studies were carried out in the hydrogels by incorporating Metronidazole drug. It was observed that with increase in gelatin:PEG volumetric ration, there is increase in amount of drug release.

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