Study of microchannel reactor using cfd analysis

Bhoi, Stutee (2012) Study of microchannel reactor using cfd analysis. MTech thesis.



Microchannel reactors involve reaction chamber whose dimensions are typically in the range of micrometers (µm) with volumetric capacity in the range of micro liters (µL). The high surface to volume ratio, efficient heat and mass transfer characteristics and vastly improved fluid mixing allow precision control of reaction with improved conversions,selectivities and yields of desired products. Reverse-flow action is used to utilize the thermal energy inside a reactor.Energy from the reaction and exit gasses are captured and utilized within the reactor by the reversing flow action.The captured thermal energy can be used to preheat the feed or can be extracted from the reactor. The present work is aimed to study the behavior of combustion reaction of methane and propane inside a icrochannel reactor. The advantages of reverse flow reactor have been found out by studying the phenomenon inside a reverse flow reactor. Both steady state and transient imulations has been carried out. Steady state solution was used as the basis for transient solution. The transient solution shows the presence of cyclic steady state temperature profile inside the reactor. The result reveals that the temperature of the gas increases with axial length, reaches maximum and then decreases.With increase in inlet temperature,maximum temperature of the fluid increases.Besides,the temperature peak decreases with increase in mass diffusivity of the mixture and wall heat transfer coefficient. It is also observed that the reaction starts near the wall and then proceed towards the center.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:CFD, Reverse flow reactor, Microchannel reactor
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Chemical Engineering > Computational Fluid Dynamics
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