Analysis of WDM network based on EDFA pumping and dispersion compensation using optisystem

Swain, Sushanta Kumar (2012) Analysis of WDM network based on EDFA pumping and dispersion compensation using optisystem. MTech thesis.



In WDM networks optical fibres are employed to transmit information in form of light pulse between the transmitter and the receiver. WDM systems have the potential to transmit multiple signals simultaneously. But the light signals degrade in intensity when they travel a long distance inside the fibre. So it is required to amplify all the light signals simultaneously after a certain interval of light propagation to regain the original signal. Optical amplifiers are generally used to amplify the light pulses. There are many optical amplifiers are used. One of the common amplifiers used is Erbium Doped Fibre Amplifier.In this thesis the analysis of WDM network is done on the basis of EDF amplification and dispersion compensation mechanism using optisystem software. In WDM networks optical fibres are used and they suffer from heavy loss due to attenuation and dispersion. So in order to reduce these attenuation losses optical amplifiers are used. Here first the gain and noise figure of the EDFA with different pumping techniques is analysed and is observed that forward pumping shows the best noise figure and backward pumping technique shows highest gain value. In case of Bi-directional pumping we get good gain and noise figure value. WDM networks also suffer from dispersion and to compensate this dispersion in fibre DCF is used. So finally the dispersion effect on the WDM network is analysed with different SMF and DCF length at different data rate of 10Gbps and 40Gbps for 8 channels, 16 channels and WDM network for different amplifier spacing. It is observed that 10Gbps bit rate network shows better Q-Factor than 40Gbps data rate WDM network.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:WDM, EDF, DCF, SMF
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