Secure data collection and critical data transmission technique in mobile sink wireless sensor networks

Puthal, Deepak (2012) Secure data collection and critical data transmission technique in mobile sink wireless sensor networks. MTech thesis.

PDF (Secure Data Collection and Critical Data Transmission Technique in Mobile Sink Wireless Sensor Networks)


In Mobile sink wireless sensor networks (MSWSN) Sensor nodes are low cost tiny devices with limited storage,computational capability and power except the sink node. Mobile sink has no resource limitation. It has wide range of application in the real world problem like military and civilian domain etc. The nodes in the network are unattended and unprotected so energy efficient and security are two major issues of sensor network. The sensors have limited battery power and low computational capability, requires a security mechanism that must be energy efficient. In this proposed system model mobile sink traverse the network to collect the data. Here we proposed energy efficient secure data collection techniques with mobile sink wireless sensor networks based on symmetric key cryptography. In proposed data collection technique mobile sink traverse network and collect data from one hop neighbors. Proposed cryptosystem is time based as after each fixed amount of time sink generates a large prime number. Using the prime number all nodes in the network update their key to avoid replay attack keep. Data collection MSWSN is three step process. At each new position mobile sink broadcast a beacon frame to alert the static sensors about its presence, secondly sensors send their sensed data towards sink node and finaly mobile sink broad cast another beacon frame to stop the data transmission by sensors. Sensor authenticate the mobile sink with the shared key concept, if it finds that sink is the legitimate node then sensor encrypt their data and transmit it to the sink. A static sensor sense some critical information and sink is not within its range, that that time sensor needs to transmit its data towards sink immediately. It cannot wait till sink come to its range. For that we proved an existing protocol Sensor Protocol for Information via Negation (SPIN) is efficient for critical data transmission to the mobile sink. Then we make it as the secured protocol by using symmetric key cryptography. Here we use the previous assumption to make it as the secure protocol. All the simulation has been carried out with NS 2.34. This thesis is supported bythe literature survey in the area of Mobile Sink Wireless Sensor Networks to make it complete.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:WSN, MSWSN, GIT, SPIN, CDMA, CAC, SAC
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